Most of Frida's work aims at reflecting her personal life and state of mind. She was very in touch with her emotions and easily communicated them to the world through paintings. Her husband, Diego, was a significant part of her life and this portrait, among others, depict their relationship. Frida was a feminist and always believed women were superior. This painting raised questions as it somehow showed that she felt like she was an equal to Diego, which felt off based on her beliefs.

Frida and Diego got married on the 21st of August in 1929, which was Frida's most special day that she had to create a masterpiece to commemorate. The painting title Diego and Frida 1929-1944 Double Portrait of Diego and Me is self-explanatory and describes the painting. The dates, 1929-1940, represent the years Frida and Diego were married. The double-portrait tries to portray them as one as the painting shows both their images merged to one. Frida was expressing her deep love for Diego and the intense relationship that made them one.

This painting was created at a time when Frida's love was still intense. Towards the end of Frida's life, she is seen to slowly lose the passion and love for Diego due to constant unfaithfulness from him, among other marital problems. Frida creates a whole face using the halves of their faces and branches to make a smooth transition. This joint image tries to portray their identities merging into one in the marriage. The sun and the moon indicate their titles as husband and wife. The joined scallop at the bottom of the painting symbolizes a natural union bounded by love.

Between 1939 and 1940, the couple was divorced as Diego was quite unfaithful. For the divorce to happen, Diego had cheated on his wife with Frida's sister. They, however, resolved their conflicts and got back together in 1940. During the divorce period, Frida did some of her best works, including the most famous one, The Two Fridas This picture represents a stage of life in Frida's life that consisted of deep love and a strongly bonded marriage.