This piece was created on oil on copper medium with measurements of 25 ¼ in. (64.1 cm.) on the copper plate and the diameter of the frame being 31 3/8 in. (80 cm.). It was first acquired directly from the artist by Paulette Goddard New York and has remained Paulette Goddard Remarque, Sotheby's, New York, 9 May 1980, lot 37. It has had exhibitions in Comedor de Recepciones, 1941, Mexico City, Palacio Nacional. In Kahlo/Modotti, 1983 at New York, Grey Art Gallery, New York University among others.

Violet Gershenson, New York for years. It was also transferred to Mary-Anne Martin Fine Art in New York, a private collection in Switzerland, and David Tunkl Fine Arts in Los Angeles. It was later acquired from David Tunkl by the present owner in 2007. The Flower Basket painting features a bouquet of different flowers within one picture showing nature at its finest. The flowers seem to show all the different colors that anyone can find in nature flowers. The colors are vibrant, from yellow and red to white and pink flowers. The yellow sunflower flowers seem to stand out in the painting, and the red flowers too.

At the top, a bird painting indicates that it is based in a natural habitat with flowers that are healthy enough to attract the birds and other wildlife presumed for pollination. Surrounding flowers are taking the shape of the circular aspect of the painting, indicating the coherent ecosystem keeping the whole flower system balanced. The painting also features a blue background, which might indicate that the flowers are outdoors, with the blue representing the sky. Unlike other standard paintings that are rectangular, this painting is framed with a circular wooden frame polished. The frame has a distinctive circle-shaped arched at the bottom side and lines throughout the round shape.

Just like The Flower Basket, other paintings by Frida Kahlo are known for portraying Latin American culture during that time. Frida Kahlo lived between 1907 and 1954, during which he was able to give himself recognition in the art industry through his unique art pieces, which have moved all over the world. The structure of the painting and all the elements used to give a unique sense of the connection of nature and how people perceive it in the simplest way possible.