The technique used in the flower life painting is the surrealism and naïve art which is also known primitive. This technique uses symbolic painting as in flower of life painting where Frida used the flower to represent fertility. The materials used in this painting is oil and Masonite. Oil and masonite blend well and show a contrasting of colours in the painting. This can be seen on the deep red colour of the flower and how it contrasts with the background. Additionally, Frida brings to life the beautiful flower and shows the gorgeous golden sprays that are a representation of sperms.

The painting of flower of life is a representation of fertility; it can be used as a symbol of feelings and sexuality. The red flower represents the male and female sexual organs at the exact moment of coitus. The painting shows an explosion of golden spray points which represent the sperm coming out of the centre of the flower. The reason behind this painting was to show Frida’s obsession with fertility and her sexuality. Most of Frida's paintings use symbolic painting, and they all have a deeper meaning. The flower for life shows a more profound connection in sexuality and coitus. Additionally, all of her paintings use symbols when portraying aspects of life.

The flower for life painting is located in Dolores Olmedo collection in Mexico City, Mexico. The painting is set for exhibition and people can be admired the beautiful red flower set among red leaves. Frida was inspired by the indigenous Mexican culture in most of her painting where she used dramatic symbols. Additionally, the use of deep and bright colours is associated with Mexican culture. Frida is an inspiration to most women artists all over the world. The flower of life painting is a representation of sexuality and its beauty. The sun on the right shows an ovule ready for fertilisation.