The portrait of Isolda Pinedo Kahlo is a painting of the niece of legendary Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, who created this piece in 1929. During this time, the artist, Frida was yet to establish her unique style of painting. The contents of the portrait are depicting Isolda laying down on a bed as she holds a flower in her hands, with a play doll placed near her feet. She appears quite peaceful and undisturbed. The mood captured in this portrait is neutral. It gives a sense of the innocent nature of children. Isolda is dressed up in a blue cardigan or sweater, with a dress and pink socks.

The color of Isolda's eyes is a bright blue and they stand out even as they match the blue background of the fabric. She seems to be staring away to her right side in a distracted manner, but she also appears to remain calm. The overall mood expressed in this portrait is one of tranquillity and peace. The facial expression of Isolda speaks volumes and contributes largely to the atmosphere of the painting. The artist captured the perfect amount of emotion as she tried to bring out the calm yet curious nature of a child.

The lighter hues used in the portrait convey a sense of harmony within all the elements. Every object in the frame seems to fit in. The colors used help achieve the right amount of depth and distance, bringing a sense of balance. It is also clear that the technique used to create this art piece was probably a gentler and smooth one. The colors blend well into each other to bring everything together and create a pleasing sensation. This piece was creatively painted using oil on canvas mediums.

The composition or underlying structure of the portrait is a very simple layout and it features characteristics such as symmetry, which can be observed at first glance since the main subject is right at the center of the painting. Currently, the Girl in diapers portrait is said to be in the collection of Grupo Sura which is located in Mexico City.