The technique used in the painting of the love embrace of the universe, the earth Mexico, myself, Diego, and senor xolotl is called symbolic painting. Symbolic painting uses hidden meaning in a piece of art and painting. In the painting Diego looks like a child being cuddled by Kahlo, he has a third away which is used to show his wisdom. The materials used in this painting were oil and canvas. The oil showed the intensity of the colours contrast. As it can be seen between the different side of the universe is depicting the light and dark side of the world. The canvas was a great material to use as it absorbed the oil and made each stroke of light look great.

The painting is about the love Frida had for her husband Diego Rivera and the relationship they had. In the painting, Frida embraces her husband like a baby as she learnt in the relationship that her husband loved to be pampered. She developed maternal feelings and assumed the role of a mother in the relationship. Frida used the paintings to show her life, and all her paintings are her biography. She painted what she was feeling and how her life was moving on. In this painting, she painted her relationship with her husband. The love embrace of the universe, the earth Mexico, myself, Diego and senor Xolotl artwork belongs to a private collection of Jacques and Natasha Gelman in Mexico City.

The Mexican culture inspired her as it can be seen in her love for bright colours. Also, the dramatic symbolism shows how the Mexican culture was a great impact on her life. This painting is a biography of the life of Frida as most of her paintings are. It shows the Mexican culture and beliefs in a creative way.