The portrait was done when he was at the age of fifty one. The paint made Diego appear thinner and much younger than his age in reality Diego was a tall and heavy build man. The paint appeared this way because it was done immediately when Diego was discharged from a hospital where he was diagnosed with liver disease and eye condition. Diego is remembered for using his lifetime in the community to explain to people in the community the working class that existed in United States and it is believed that it was his talent.

His work was of significance as it inspired many other programs to emerge such as United States project art, President Roosevelt. This made many designers in painting to be employed in the embassy to paint scene of everyday life in buildings which in other way created job opportunities for painters. His work also influenced many other painters such as Ben Shahn and Thomas Benton and also he took his work in public domain so that many people could appreciate it and its beauty.

Frida was influenced in her work of art by her Mexican culture which was indigenous, she frequently used a symbol of bright colours in her work and a monkey symbol, according to Mexican culture monkey is a symbol of lust yet according to her it symbolised protective symbol. She also used modern art in her work and magical realism. Frida in her work also combined elements of Jewish religion and Mexican religion which is depicted in her art work. A style of primivism is also depicted in her portrait of Diego Rivera. Frida has greatly contributed to art work not only in Mexico but also United States and she is remembered for artistic work. She died in 1954.