Portraits are paintings that represent the face of a particular person with a solid background. Furthermore, a good portrait should enable the audience know more about the character just by looking at the portrait. Portraits are often done as a gift friend or for the royals and nobles.

In 1931 Frida did the painting of Eva Fredrick. One that has seen the painting would debate over whether the character is a friend or not. Most claim that the painting was that of an acquaintance or friend while the rest of the world is claiming that she was just a model. Looking at the painting we can conclude that it's either a model or friend. The painting is labeled at the top; this means of labeling is only used in paintings that are a gift to friends. On the other hand, previous paintings that were done before such as the Nude of Eva Fredrick can only suggest that the character was a model.

Looking at the portrait, we see the character in a short-sleeved dress and is designed nicely. The design of the dress brings into mind that the temperature is warm and that the lady is Mexican. The lady also has a necklace around her neck. The necklace is green in color and is well drawn around the neck. The artist goes on further to clearly describe how the lady looks. She does this by clearly curving out the facial part of the character. These include the eyes, eyebrows, and cheeks. The painting allows as to conclude that lady is simple but also stylish as per depicted by her hairstyle.

From the portrait, we can conclude that the artist was passionate about her work. Furthermore, we can tell that the artists had a unique way of doing her paintings. The artist also has a brilliant choice of colors. This is because she uses a brighter background to give the piece of art more taste. The egg yellow color blends in perfectly with the dark dress of the character.