A nicely constructed portrait usually features the character boldly coming out of the picture. Furthermore, to make the portrait more stunning artists have opted to have a solid background leaving us way focused on the character. One such painting that features a powerful lady is the Portrait of Natasha Gelman and was done in 1943 by Frida Kahlo.

The painting features the beautiful Natasha shining throughout the portrait. The 1943 piece of art has a bold almost green color that enables the model to stand out. Fridah did the painting because of their relationship to Natasha's family. A closer look at the picture tells its audience that Natasha was married to a well of man. This is because the art features Natasha dressed in finely done linen. A closer look into the painting also informs us that her coat was luxurious and can't is of any peasant. Furthermore, the painting features the character in make up and neatly done hair.

The Natasha Gelman painting tells us how the artist is way passionate about his work. This is because the eyes of the character are neatly done thereby bringing total beauty into the painting. Like a digital picture, the art displays Natasha's hair as real as possible. Furthermore, the artist also gives a precise detail of what time the painting was taken. This could be winter, morning, or evening. We arrive at this conclusion because of Natasha's fluffy scarf. As if this is not enough we also get the taste of Natasha and how classic she was. A sign of self-love and confidence is given since the character maintains eye contact with the painter.

The 1943 painting initially titled as Retrato de Natasha Gelman is currently in Mexico and is one of the many collections of Natasha and her husband, Jacques. Furthermore, the painting is of oil and canvas with a dimension of 30 x 23cm. The piece of art is of the Naïve (Primitivism) style.