The man appears to look over his shoulder as though posing for a photograph. Next to him is an image that looks like a yellow and green moon. Kahlo stands with her hands folded to her waist as though posing for a photograph with the man's portrait. She is dressed in a maroon and white dress with a hair updo. With her head seeming small, viewers can notice her resting face; neither smiling nor frowning. The portrait has a nighttime setting with a brown theme. In the background, viewers can see grass to the ground where Frida stands.

Like her other artwork, she has her feet covered, a simple red shawl over her shoulders and a simple skirt. Viewers see no gravity asserted in this work. While both figures in the painting look straight ahead, Stalin's portrait is bigger and makes her look smaller.

According to art analysts, Stalin was bullied in school and made up for this by becoming a Soviet Union dictator. On the other hand, Frida was a communist and was married to Diego Riviera. However, she had an affair with a Russian leader in the communist revolution, Trotsky. Stalin didn't like this and ordered the murder of Trotsky. Lucky enough, Trotsky and Frida fled into the U.S just before this could happen.

After two decades of the whole incident, Kahlo made a painting immortalising Stalin. It was her last painting before she died, and most art analysts felt that she was portraying her painful ordeals in the previous years. Viewers can see that the painting had not much detail, which is attributed to the powerful painkillers Kahlo was taking during that time.

The painting showed how much she hated Stalin and how she remembered him even after all those years. Stalin was a dictator and ranks high on the list of mass murderers together with other names such as Adolf Hitler. As an admired feminist, communist, and artist, Frida never had a simple life. This might be the reason why she expressed most of her emotions and thoughts on oil and canvas.

Frida proclaimed her love for this particular painting just before she died. She openly stated that he was a man of steel hence the name Stalin. It is a name he picked by himself. Today, the amazing artwork lies at the Museum of Modern Art, New York and is celebrated by art lovers.