She uses the watermelon, oranges, and coconuts to express herself subtly. She made sure to cover every detail on the canvas giving us a very clear picture with a bit of hidden meaning. Frida used the technique she knew better to come up with this incredible painting. She goes for oil on canvas, a technique that she used to paint all her still life paintings. The creativity involved is incredible, and the realness of the fruits can be seen by simply scanning through the painting.

Frida Kahlo painted still life with coconuts and melons in the year 1951 which was among the last years of her life. She had just left Diego Rivera and was now treading in a different form of art. She opted to express her thinking in a much distinct way and through the painting she was able to pass the message swiftly. Her accuracy had started diminishing while she was painting this picture. This is because her health was taking a toll on her gently making her less effective.

Despite being unable to achieve the clarity and details she was known for, it is evident that still life with coconuts and melons is still one of her best paintings. She uses the coconut’s three holes to come up with a creative expression which is said to be her pity for her people. The melon is artistically created, and you can see every single detail from the colourful flesh, the detailed and completely visible seeds to the green outer rind.

Every single detail is well delivered, and the resultant painting is not only colourful but also creatively done. Her main focus is on the fruits with a little going on in the background. One orange has been partially peeled, and she uses her great skills to ensure that she delivers the best painting her health could allow. The current location of the painting is in Museo de Arte Moderno in Mexico. With this painting, she pours every bit of her happiness and sorrowful moments.

Still Life with Coconuts and Melons in Detail Frida Kahlo