However, all artists have a variation when it comes to drawing. These variations have made them paint ladies, Romans jewelry flower and even live fruits. An example of such a piece was the Still Life with Fruit a work of the well-known Frida Kahlo. The artist is a well known Mexican whose work has featured across various art galleries and museums. Unlike others, she was gifted the ability to bring life to paintings. A technique that differentiates the pros from the armature. Read on further to have an idea of the Still Life with Fruit painting.

The painting is composed of fruits ranging from bananas to melons, and oranges. Frida also displays a good mastery of curves by showing well-cut melons. He describes to the audience what they should expect from a juicy watermelon. The painting features a figure that is similar to the sun. From it, we can see the way the rays spread out to every part of the art. This brings in the conclusion that the sun is the source of light across the universe. The artist is also keen on the detail of the sun. As she shows that the rays are more saturated at the source.

Moreover, the sun in the painting is considered the artist's version of the Aztec sun majorly because of the similarities the two symbols posses. A comparison with the Aztech sun reveals that both paintings have a face to them. Further studies also show that the sun painting and the Aztech sun have multiple branches and is a source of life. Something that the artist was desperately in need of. Also, the artist makes the painting political by curving in a dove. To enhance this, the piece of art features a white dove a symbol for representing peace and wanting peace. The white dove is effective since it was a period when Mexico was going through an election.

Never the less, Fridas last days on earth saw us enjoy a ton of different still paintings. Moreover, this is attributed to the fact that she could not leave the house to interact with others. However, despite the pain, her love for painting continued on and on and has seen the world embrace some of the best pieces. Pieces that many don’t understand or know where they were drawn from but still appreciate and love them.