She also prepared a drawing board made of treated hardwood which was specifically meant to ensure the work was well preserved for the longest time possible. The contents of this artwork Still Life with `Watermelons by Frida Kahlo is a watermelon fruit cut into two halves well with seven orange fruits of different sizes arranged around it in a particular manner as well as a coconut fruit all in one painting with a lovely impression of balance and attractiveness. The main reason why she chose this painting was to express that no matter the challenges she had passed through, she could still live a simple life without expensive things in her life.

Still life with Watermelons as one of the artworks of Frida Kahlo was loved by a lot of people as compared to many other artworks she had done. The freshness and the view of the flesh of the cut watermelon as compared to the simplicity of the orange fruits was very attractive and the message there in was admirable and left many people amazed at the creativity. This artwork, still life with watermelons by Frida Kahlo is well preserved and can be found at the Museum Of Modern Art Mexico City, Mexico. It is an extension of the Instituto National de Bellas and hosts exhibition of national and international modern day artists. All the arts by Frida Kahlo is permanently hosted in this museum.

In her career as an artist who drew different portraits, it not only the country's rich culture that inspired her but also one man who was a great artist named Diego Rivera. She met him when she was starting to draw, and it was the approval of this man that Encouraged her to venture fully into artwork with all her heart. She was later to be married to this man, and they did a lot of travelling to Mexico and the United States and during this time she developed and perfected her artistic style.