The last time it was in exhibition was in the year 1955 in a place known as Warsaw. The pictures of the painting were taken between the year 1940 and 1944 and they were only three in total. This pictures is what is left for current exhibition as images of the painting. The first exhibition of the real paint was done in the year 1940 at the Amor's Gallery of art in Mexico.

The pictures of the painting consist of a table that is placed in a place that seems to look like a stage due to the side placed curtains. The curtains are folded to the sides to give the setting to look like an open stage floor. The artist is drawn seated at the centre with also two humans on the right hand side of the drawing who seem to be two children; a boy and a girl. On the same side of the kids but closer to the artist is a male figure, on the opposite side there is a small sculpture that is seated between the artist a standing skeleton. And also to the furthest end of the table next to the skeleton, there is the drawing of an antelope.

All of the figures drawn in the picture are placed behind the wounded table facing forward as if looking at the audience from stage. The table at which they are seated has blood drawings to mean its bleeding. The skeleton drawing is known to exhibit the Judas character. She has long black hair of her head and some of is seen to hang on one the skeletons hands. The blood that is flowing from the table with wounds seems to be more, it is flowing to her dress and also even more of it comes from the skeleton. Another pool of blood is also oozing out of the man’s feet, just as the rest of the blood from the skeleton and wounded table it also drains on the woman. The drawing is a clear exhibition of the theme of grief, all the blood from the figures with which she shares the table stain her dress.